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Let's Expand you Business and build Big Projects

-Imagine you had a reliable funding partner with 23 years in all kind of engineering from micro-mechanics, to microelectronics, online programming, decentralized programming, cryptocurrency, structural health monitoring, optics, quantum computing, industrial power electronics, civil constructions, online gaming. Able to guide to robust and promising investments.

-Imagine you had a reliable funding partner with 20 years in retail and wholesales, able to understand the needs for successful trade and company success.

-Imagine you had a reliable funding partner with 8 years of RESEARCH activities in transportation, green fueling, hydrogen production, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Finance and Quantitative trading, with numerous EU fund proposal construction, participation and delivery. Able to bring into the table high level of technical expertise for your investments.

-Imagine you had a reliable funding partner having gathered numerous funding, joint ventures and shareholding products and programs from all around the world for the past 10 years. I am connected to everything.

- Facilitating or undertaking Investment Banking services in the area of stealth acquisitions, LBOs, stealth merging with EU and north African SME's or mid-caps.

- Lets talk about geoeconomical funding and trading.

Congratulations you have found me, my name is Theo Tsenis the absolute funding and trading partner for your company, startup, project either being private or state or for Institutes or Technology parks.